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Fast Followers

We reported on the Global Digital Exemplars a while back and now the Government have announced the next phase: Fast Followers – Trusts that will receive £5 million each to partner with the Exemplars. This, they claim will produce a “digital health Ivy League.”

More details here and  here



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News of the Global Digital Exemplars

The Global Digital Exemplars which were announced last year are still waiting for their funding apparently.

They are:


* Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust
* Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
* City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
* Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

* West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
* University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
* Luton & Dunstable University Hospital […]

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First patient facing app to get GP system approval

iPatient expects to get approval to integrate with a GP primary system sometime soon. The system enables patients to view their health records and test results, book appointments, use secure messaging, and request repeat prescriptions.

It has taken years of development to get to this point, with pilots in five GP practices using the Emis Health primary system.

Full article here:

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Analogue to digital radiology

Interesting article on moving to digital radiology and the promise of integration.

It gets quite technical towards the end, so be warned!

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Old drugs for new uses

Researchers at the University of Leeds are using: the anti-psychotic haloperidol; the anti-depressant fluoxetine and a local anaesthetic bupivacainein as anti-virals.

The drugs disrupt the regulation of potassium levels and this, in turn, blocks the ability of all of the group of bunyaviruses to infect cells. It’s not effective on all viruses, but is looking very promising research.

Full article here.

Patient’s Barcodes

An article here suggests that six Trusts have been selected to introduce patient barcoding. Patients admitted to hospital will be issued with bracelets with barcodes. This is intended to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

There is also a nifty video explaining how this will work.


Cyberattack against the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

The hospital had to pay the ransom to restore normal operations. Here from The Guardian:
Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 in bitcoin to ransomware hackers
Recent news about hacking at a hospital in the US.
“A cyberattack launched against the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has forced staff to declare an “internal emergency” and left employees unable to access patient files.


As medical records […]

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Oxford hits height in digital maturity

Oxford features in our blog again! The dreaming spires are high in digital maturity.

Digital maturity? Yes, the NHS, in partnership with EHI Intelligence, has developed a digital maturity index. Being on top means that Oxford has achieved a number of core systems which enable digital functions such as: e-prescribing, digital records and referrals. Others high in the index include:

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation […]

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Pfizer and Big Data To Power Patient Care

An article written by Geno Germano, Group President, Global Innovative Pharma Business, Pfizer

How Pfizer Is Using Big Data To Power Patient Care, Forbes, 2/17/2015 @ 10:18AM

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On genetics and electronic health record

A Special Issue of the Genetics in Medicine journal on genetics and electronic health record

Volume 15, Issue 10 (October 2013)

Among others, in this issue:

Integration of genomics into the electronic health record: mapping terra incognita
Joseph L. Kannry MD and Marc S. Williams MD

“… To date, no commercial EHR system has been described that systematically integrates genetic or genomic […]