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Fast Followers

We reported on the Global Digital Exemplars a while back and now the Government have announced the next phase: Fast Followers – Trusts that will receive £5 million each to partner with the Exemplars. This, they claim will produce a “digital health Ivy League.”

More details here and  here



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    Hub and Spoke Dispensing: Privacy and Sociotechnical Rigidity

Hub and Spoke Dispensing: Privacy and Sociotechnical Rigidity

In a previous post, we noted how a hub and spoke model for community pharmacy had been promoted on the basis of a limited safety case. The hub and spoke model that was described was one in which items would be assembled at a hub site that would serve a number of dispensing sites, such as community pharmacies. Although […]

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    News on state and future of ePrescribing in English NHS hospitals

News on state and future of ePrescribing in English NHS hospitals

A ‘bleak picture’, for the DigitalHealth.net article of the 9th of June.

19% of NHS hospitals use e-prescribing for 60% or more of inpatient prescribing
38% of England’s 154 acute trusts had implemented e-prescribing, and 25% had implemented e-prescribing with clinical decision support (2015 data).

“Trusts that have been using e-prescribing the longest have the poorest use. Those coming up from behind […]

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Patient’s Barcodes

An article here suggests that six Trusts have been selected to introduce patient barcoding. Patients admitted to hospital will be issued with bracelets with barcodes. This is intended to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

There is also a nifty video explaining how this will work.


Economic impact of electronic prescribing in the hospital setting: A systematic review

The value that digitalization of medicines brings to hospital care is often expressed in monetary terms, as part of business cases to support implementation.

The recently published systematic review from Ahmed et al found some evidence of economic benefits from ePrescribing implementation, but paucity of good quality research in this area.

Ahmed, Z., Barber, N., Jani, Y., Garfield, S. and Franklin, […]

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Oxford hits height in digital maturity

Oxford features in our blog again! The dreaming spires are high in digital maturity.

Digital maturity? Yes, the NHS, in partnership with EHI Intelligence, has developed a digital maturity index. Being on top means that Oxford has achieved a number of core systems which enable digital functions such as: e-prescribing, digital records and referrals. Others high in the index include:

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation […]

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Hospital electronic prescribing and patient safety

A new book by Robert Wachter has just been published on digitalisation and patient safety.

It discusses the case of an antibiotic overdose linked with the use of electronic prescribing, robotic dispensing and electronic administration.

Wachter, R (2015) The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age, McGraw-Hill.

Part of the text is available on Amazon look […]

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A decision support tool for warfarin prescribing

Anna-Karin Hamberg, Jacob Hellman, Jonny Dahlberg, E Niclas Jonsson and Mia Wadelius (2015)
A Bayesian decision support tool for efficient dose individualization of warfarin in adults and children
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2015, 15:7

Based on population based Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) model of warfarin.
The tool is developed in Java.
“.. user enters information on body weight, age, baseline and target INR, and […]

Pharmacogenetics test lab embedded in ePrescribing, for personalised medicine?

“Pharmacogenetics (PG) examines inherited or acquired variations in genes that dictate drug response, disposition, or toxicity and explores how these variations can be used to optimize medication therapy”…

Lab tests are done before the prescription; the CPOE alerts the doctor if the test is positive.

Perhaps an example of enhancing traditional CPOE/ePrescriing systems with personalised medicine?

Goldspiel BR, Flegel WA, DiPatrizio […]