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A radical revision of human genetics

As you can see, genetics is interesting the D3 team at the moment! Here is another article from Nature, this one on how the importance of ‘inert’ genes.

Full article here.

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The flip side of personal genomics

Interesting article in Nature about genomics and the way having a mutation may not actualise in any condition or disease.

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Life Signs – A D3 Film

Our latest video is ready to view!

As part of our process of following the drug, we interviewed people who research, prescribe, develop apps for and take warfarin. This is the first of a series of short films revealing how people construct knowledge about the medication. This first film features a genetics researcher, Dr Harsh Sheth, who works at Newcastle […]

On the aura of infallibility of genetic tests

…geneticists also pointed out that companies’ marketing materials make it seem as though the tests are infallible. As the testing firm Sequenom puts it in one advertisement: “Positive or negative results. Never maybe.”

[…] For Solomon, genetics is simply a new tool with a learning curve, the same as any other. “When the electrocardiogram was first developed, about a hundred […]

Molecular stethoscopes (and precision medicine)

Eric Topol And Stephen R. Quake (2015) A Stethoscope for the Next 200 Years. The ability to see ‘alien’ DNA and RNA in the blood can detect cancers very early. The Wall Street Journal. Jan. 2, 2015 6:55 p.m. ET

“the amazing specificity of DNA and RNA sequencing has the potential to lead to much more informative, and better-performing […]

Molecular profiling for deciding therapy—the French initiative

Nowak, F., J.-C. Soria and F. Calvo (2012). “Tumour molecular profiling for deciding therapy – the French initiative.” Nat Rev Clin Oncol 9(8): 479-486.

From the abstract:

In France a national network of 28 regional molecular genetics centres. Selected molecular tests, free of charge, to all patients and “specific programme has also been implemented to anticipate the launch […]