A radical revision of human genetics

As you can see, genetics is interesting the D3 team at the moment! Here is another article from Nature, this one on how the importance of ‘inert’ genes.

Full article here.

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Translating Big Data into Decision Support systems?

How to go from Big Data to Decision Support systems:

A point in a recent JAMIA editorial suggests interesting questions on the design of systems for research and for clinical practice, and the required technical specifications:

“… in most academic health systems there is still a clear separation between basic and translational research involving genome data and clinical research. Computational environments […]

On DNA big data for drug discovery

A Featured Story on The MIT Technology Review, by Antonio Regalado (November 19, 2014) about how drug companies are using “giant database of human DNA information” for drug discovery.
Entitled The Search for Exceptional Genomes, this story provides an example of how Big Data can be used by drug manufacturers to explore new drugs.

…“This is going to be […]

“RNA prescriptions” and “Science has just changed”

A Featured Story from MIT Technology Review, by Ken Garber. Not news really, it was published on December 1, 2002.

Of interest especially the heralding of how Science has just changed:

when it was found in 2001 that “tiny double-stranded RNA fragments quickly, easily, and specifically turned off genes in human cells, a role researchers had never before seen […]

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NHS England, Genomics England and the 100K Genome project

News from eHealth Insider

“NHS England expects to have contracts in place with providers by January 2015 for its ambitious project to sequence 100,000 genomes and link the results with a national database of electronic patient records”.

The aim is “to have the 100,000 genome sequences done by the end of 2017 and it is launching a process for selecting ‘NHS […]