A radical revision of human genetics

As you can see, genetics is interesting the D3 team at the moment! Here is another article from Nature, this one on how the importance of ‘inert’ genes.

Full article here.

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The flip side of personal genomics

Interesting article in Nature about genomics and the way having a mutation may not actualise in any condition or disease.

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Post-genomic research: real life complexity / precision trade offs

Below an extract from a recent very interesting paper on gene–environment interactions research:

Ackerman, S. L., et al. (2015). “Accounting for Complexity: Gene–environment Interaction Research and the Moral Economy of Quantification.” Science, Technology & Human Values.
…the lure of genetic determinism is loosening its grip as new understandings of developmental and etiological complexity undermine ‘‘the preordained genetic
body’’ (Lock 2005, S49) […]

Temporary meaning of genomic data and the issues of its integration into EHR

David McCallie Jr., vice president of medical informatics for Cerner, described some of what makes integrating genomic data into EHRs difficult.  First, the genomic data is huge huge and the meaning of data might change as the knowledge base changes, he said. “Also, the data standards are immature and interpretation is difficult and requires expertise.”


Strock said because there will […]

‘Genomic data are inherently computable’, or the opportunities and challenges for using genomic information in health care systems

Genomics is at the forefront of clinical decision support because the
data are inherently computable and therefore could be provided as supporting
information at the point of care, […].
Clinical decision support provides a better opportunity for physicians and
patients to use genomic data than either could have when the information
is solely contained in paper format. Validating the algorithms that are
being used to […]

On genetics and electronic health record

A Special Issue of the Genetics in Medicine journal on genetics and electronic health record

Volume 15, Issue 10 (October 2013)

Among others, in this issue:

Integration of genomics into the electronic health record: mapping terra incognita
Joseph L. Kannry MD and Marc S. Williams MD

“… To date, no commercial EHR system has been described that systematically integrates genetic or genomic […]