Being a 10 mg donepezil drug, or not

A patient who received a labeled dose of 10 mg of donepezil per day for 3 months that was purchased from Canada could have been receiving only 6.3 mg per day..
Wang, Chong-Zhi; Du, Guang-Jian; Zhen, Zhong; Calway, Tyler; Yuan, Chun-Su(2011) Significant Dose Differences in Donepezil Purchased From the United States and Canada
Annals of Internal Medicine
Issue: Volume 155(4), 16 August 2011, pp […]

On value and the new pharmaceutical “commons”

The Pharmaceutical Commons: Sharing and Exclusion in Global Health Drug Development
by Javier Lezaun and Catherine M. Montgomery

Science, Technology & Human Values January 2015 40: 3-29,
first published on July 11, 2014

In the last decade, the organization of pharmaceutical research on neglected tropical diseases has undergone transformative change. In a context of perceived “market failure,” the development of […]

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Fighting fake drugs with high-tech solutions

An article on how technology is used to counter medicines counterfeits, including
mPedigree – HP joint venture for drug authentication

and in closing:
“… academics, regulators and industry are rolling out new technologies to try and get a step ahead of the counterfeiters. But even the technologies’ inventors admit that nothing can replace a properly functioning national pharmaceutical regulatory […]

Patient empowerment – Report published 15 May 2014

okay… this is not directly about digital drugs – in fact, personalised medicine is never mentioned, nor the stratified one.. But there may be something about this that is connected…

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health. Patient Empowerment: For Better Quality, More Sustainable Health Services Globally. London; 2014.

(It was also mentioned in the BMJ: )