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New NHS App Library

The NHS app library is expected to reopen at the end of March, according to Indra Joshi, clinical lead digital in urgent care at NHS England, who was speaking at the Digital Technology Show in London earlier on this week. The library, which will start out with very few products, will be available through NHS Choices. It has been co-designed by NICE, Medicines and Healthcare […]

New research

An interesting article was published in Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology earlier this year: “The Use of eHealth Technologies to Enable the Implementation of musculoskeletal Models of Care: Evidence and practice”.

The article describes all kinds of tools and digital resources which have been produced for a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Full article available here:


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Testing & Mental Health Apps

In a recent article, Nature raises concerns that ‘the technology is moving a lot faster than the science’ and many of the apps designed and marketed to help with mental health care are simply not tested. This leaves customer-patients vulnerable to apps which, at best, don’t work and could make their condition worse.


Of course, these apps do many things: some […]

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Help! If you use apps we’d love to talk to you.

Would like to help us in our research? Do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter) or apps on your phone or computer to help with medications? Do you home test? We’d love to hear from you.

The D3 project is looking at the way digital technologies are changing medicine – one of the ways we suggest this is happening is […]

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Shining a light on Lumosity’s claims

Lumos Labs, who make the brain training app Lumosity have been prosecuted in the US for making unfounded claims. The makers claim that the brain training improves memory and brain function and the website makes strong claims about this.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has previously taken action over another brain training app, plus two others, both for melanoma detection […]

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Personalized medicine: a podcast

“… we almost certainly over treat many, many patients, we almost certainly give patients treatments that aren’t going to work, and we almost certainly under- or over-dose patients. So there’s a lot of room to move in medical oncology and I think we’ve got plenty of room to do it.”

The area of oncology one with “the greatest potential for […]