New NHS App Library

The NHS app library is expected to reopen at the end of March, according to Indra Joshi, clinical lead digital in urgent care at NHS England, who was speaking at the Digital Technology Show in London earlier on this week. The library, which will start out with very few products, will be available through NHS Choices. It has been co-designed by NICE, Medicines and Healthcare […]

Fast Followers

We reported on the Global Digital Exemplars a while back and now the Government have announced the next phase: Fast Followers – Trusts that will receive £5 million each to partner with the Exemplars. This, they claim will produce a “digital health Ivy League.”

More details here and  here



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First patient facing app to get GP system approval

iPatient expects to get approval to integrate with a GP primary system sometime soon. The system enables patients to view their health records and test results, book appointments, use secure messaging, and request repeat prescriptions.

It has taken years of development to get to this point, with pilots in five GP practices using the Emis Health primary system.

Full article here:

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Google and Patient Data

Further to our blog post last week, Google is now being investigated by the data protection watchdog: the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) over it’s data deal between the Royal Free Hospital Trust and DeepMind.

The investigation results from ‘at least’ one complaint received over the anonymising of data. While the Hospital Trust declare that all data is anonymised in transit and […]

Nature reviews research into cybercrime

For all the talk of hard mechanical and technical defences, all human-machine systems are reliant on their soft procedural defences to maintain safety and security. This insight has some traction amongst the safety science community and has now also taken hold in the security community as a recent review by M. Mitchell Waldrop for Nature illustrates.

Cybercrime has become a […]

Patient’s Barcodes

An article here suggests that six Trusts have been selected to introduce patient barcoding. Patients admitted to hospital will be issued with bracelets with barcodes. This is intended to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

There is also a nifty video explaining how this will work.


Crowdacure, 3D Holograms and Phantom Limb Pain

Crowdacure is an interesting new website. A crowd sourcing site for underfunded and hard to fund medical research, one of the first projects is developing a new treatment using 3D holograms to relieve phantom limb pain.

Visual effects can trick the brain into believing that the lost limb is still there, resulting in pain relief.

Using technology and video conferencing to improve health services

Conference announcement:

Using Technology and video conferencing to improve health services

The Prime Ministers GP Access Fund have teamed with the Health and Justice Information Services to provide a workshop exploring video conferencing and associated technologies. This will event will bring together like-minded people, and provide an opportunity to learn from experts and supplier organisations to discover how web enabled technology […]

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Biomimetic 4D printing

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has developed 4D printing – that is 3D printing which moves and grows.

They printed cellulose fiber flowers which contain acrylamide hydrogel which absorbs water. So, when the flowers are placed on water, the gel absorbs the water and the flowers move.  Very cool video here:

As an article about the implications discusses, […]

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3D printing of drugs: “the possibilities seem endless”

The possibilities do seem endless, but the Guardian asks whether the 3D printing of medications is safe. They speculate how the pharmacies might change if drugs were printed in local pharmacies, to exact and personalized formulations. The FDA has already given the go-ahead for Spritam levetiracetam (a drug used to control epilepsy) and the hope is to follow with […]