UK Telecare Health Awareness Day

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Telemedicine helping Refugees

Medical professionals working with Doctors Without Borders are increasingly using smartphones to help deliver more and better care in situations where resources are limited.

It is also, as the article suggests, increasingly useful for isolated and rural communities. Telemedicine (the use of communication technologies to aid medical care) has been around for 50 years or so, but the use of […]

Digital engagement and older people

An interesting article by Jacqueline Damant, Martin Knapp, Paul Freddolino and Daniel Lombard, titled: Effects of digital engagement on the quality of life of older people. Using a framework analysis approach, they conducted a scoping review of articles into the subject and conclude that there are both positive and negative outcomes for elderly people.

Full article here.

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Nurses and Telehealth

New research highlights how nurses use (and don’t use) Telehealth to monitor patients at home. The recommendations include: better training, collaboration and planning; up-to-date equipment (and good connectivity); using telehealth champions and a period of experimentation when new technology is introduced.


Taylor J, Coates L (2015) Caring from a distance: the role of telehealth. Nursing Times; 111: 28/29, 18-20.

Read the whole paper online […]

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