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New NHS App Library

The NHS app library is expected to reopen at the end of March, according to Indra Joshi, clinical lead digital in urgent care at NHS England, who was speaking at the Digital Technology Show in London earlier on this week. The library, which will start out with very few products, will be available through NHS Choices. It has been co-designed by NICE, Medicines and Healthcare […]

Digital Necklace Wins Unicef Award

“These results are really promising — if I told you 10 years ago that I thought mobile phones could strengthen national health systems, you would have told me I’m crazy. I’m excited to see if wearable and sensor technologies could be the next mobile revolution”  (Erica Kochi, co-lead and co-founder of Unicef Innovation).

The necklace, called Khushi Baby, stores electronic […]

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Wearable devices and behaviour change

An article, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association talks about the expanding market of wearable devices. However, the gap between recording information with them and projected or hoped-for changing behaviours is still wide and they propose and discuss a number of reasons for this.


The article is here:

Wearable Devices as Facilitators, Not Drivers, of Health Behavior Change

by Mitesh S. Patel, MD, […]

Technology-enabled change envisaged for the NHS: NHS England’s medical director, on wearable devices,

Technology “enables you to predict things, to act early and to prevent unnecessary admissions, thereby not only taking a load off the NHS but, more importantly, actually keeping somebody safe and feeling good”.

Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England’s medical director, on wearable devices, in The Guardian.

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Big pharma and smart devices

An article on the Financial Times, commenting on Google links with Novartis, to develop a “smart” contact lens designed to help diabetics track their blood sugar levels.


It also mentions the “electroceuticals” – “implants that use electronic impulses to affect and modify the functions of the body”

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