The Educational Strategy Unit, Teaching and Learning Centre and LSE LIFE would like to welcome all colleagues and LSE PhD students to the Education Symposium 2017. The Symposium will take place on 10th May from 9.45-14.00 on the 8th Floor of the New Academic Building. Guests are welcome to attend the whole event, or any of the sessions outlined below. This year’s Symposium will focus on putting assessment at the heart of the student experience.

Education symposium 2016

As well as a practice-sharing cafe, breakout sessions and open forum, we are pleased to welcome our keynote speaker, Professor Tansy Jessop, Professor of Research Informed Teaching at Southampton Solent University, who will speak on some of the broader developments in assessment across the Higher Education sector.

Places can be booked through Eventbrite.

9.45-11.00- Welcome and Education Symposium Cafe

Meet colleagues working with a variety of forms of assessment across the School and discuss their usage over coffee and pastries. Convened by TLC’s Erik Blair.

  • Group work: Paul Keenan, International History
  • Multiple choice questions: Bradley Franks, Psychological and Behavioural Science
  • Exams, Sarah Paterson, Law
  • Blogs: Edgar Whitley, Management
  • Presentations, Ania Plomien and Diane Perrons, Gender Institute


11.00-11.30- Keynote speech, Professor Tansy Jessop

Professor Tansy Jessop, Professor of Research Informed Teaching at Southampton Solent University, leader of the TESTA project and HEA National Teaching Fellow will speak on the purpose and development of practice in assessment for learning in Higher Education.


11.30-12.30- Breakout sessions

Each session will give participants space to explore some of the key questions around assessment. Coffee and tea will be available.

  • Session 1: New tools, new fears?: Join TLC’s Ellis Saxey and LTI’s Darren Moon to examine whether ‘new’ forms of assessment offer students different opportunities to develop, while maintaining high scholarly standards, rigour and fairness. How can academics deter the potential problems of plagiarism or freeloading?
  • Session 2: Designing assessment across programmes: Join LSE LIFE’s Sara Felix and Psychological and Behavioural Science’s Bradley Franks as they discuss whether diversification of assessment can support the effective, incremental development of disciplinary skills.
  • Session 3: Building inclusivity into assessment: Join TLC’s Colleen McKenna and LSE100’s Jessica Templeton to discuss whether more diverse curricula, new opportunities to feedback and modes of assessment that suit different approaches to learning can support inclusive education.
  • Session 4: Assessment and the graduate: Join TLC’s Jenni Carr and panel as they consider the skills and nature of a ‘graduate’, both in the mind of the graduate and potential employers and question how assessment at LSE does, or could, contribute to developing well-prepared graduates.


12.30-1.15- Open forum

Neil McLean, Director, LSE Academic and Professional Development Division, will chair an open discussion on assessment at LSE, drawing together discussion from the breakout sessions and opening the floor to colleagues to ask questions and share opinions and ideas.


1.15- 2.00- Lunch

All colleagues are welcome to an informal closing lunch.

education symposium 2016


The 10th May also sees the annual celebration of the student-led Teaching Excellence awards and the Class Teacher awards in the Students’ Union. Attendance can be booked here.

We look forward to seeing many colleagues on the 10th May.


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