Welcome to the LSE Education Blog, which succeeds the LSE Teaching Blog launched in September 2012.

In line with the School’s Education Strategy 2015-2020 and developments in education both at LSE and externally, this new blog aims to

  • showcase interesting and innovative educational activity at LSE;
  • share scholarly and experiential writings about teaching and learning;
  • provide a platform for information and dialogue about educational policy and strategy.

All the content from the Teaching Blog – some 200 posts – has been integrated under a structure that reflects this new range of content. So our topics include ‘An LSE education: notes from the field’, which profiles educational activity across LSE; ‘Conversations’, featuring interviews with, among others, LSE students and staff; ‘Practice and Pedagogy’, which focuses on theories and experiences of teaching and learning; and ‘Policy and Strategy’, where information and thought pieces on developments in education at LSE and beyond are posted. The ‘Resource of the Week’ posts from the Teaching Blog are still accessible in a now archived category and the tags and search facility remain, to enable the unearthing of content on specific terms, names and LSE departments.

We hope that those interested in education across LSE and beyond will engage with the blog. You can subscribe or set up feeds on the home page or write to the LSE Educational Strategy Unit, which publishes the blog, with general feedback or ideas for content: please email esu@lse.ac.uk (with LSE Education Blog in the subject line). Comments on individual blog posts are also welcome and you can read our comments policy on the Policies page



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