Editorial policy

Posts on the LSE Education Blog are written and edited primarily by staff in LSE’s Educational Strategy Unit and Teaching and Learning Centre. Our aim is to provide readers with information about educational practice and activity at LSE and beyond, in a spirit of positive and collaborative endeavour.

If you would like to write a post for the blog, please email the LSE Educational Strategy Unit at esu@lse.ac.uk (using LSE Education Blog in the subject line) and we will be happy to discuss content, editorial guidelines and schedules with you. Please note that all our content is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise requested.

Comments policy

We welcome comments on the blog and will accept any reasonable or constructive comments that contribute to debate. We operate a propriety filter, so comments are routed to the Managing Editor and not posted for public view until they have been checked. There may therefore be a brief delay in posting comments. Please note that our comments system is operated under the following guidelines:

Email privacy: Email addresses are required for commenting, but they are not published on the blog, nor shared. They may be used by the blog’s editorial board for private contact with the commenter.

Language and manners: The blog is for a wide audience and comments which include inappropriate language, or are considered by the blog’s editorial board to be offensive, will not be published. Similarly, we do not permit personal attack comments. You may question or argue the content, but not attack the blogger, those mentioned in blog posts or other commenters. We also ask that comments add constructively to a debate and do not run off at inappropriate tangents; and we request that any links in comments be limited to a maximum of two.

If your comment does not appear: If you leave a comment on the blog and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate these guidelines, please email esu@lse.ac.uk (with LSE Education Blog in the subject line) and we will respond as soon as possible.

All rights reserved: The blog’s editorial board reserves the right to edit, delete, move or mark as spam any and all comments. It also has the right to block access to any individual or group of people from commenting, or from the entire blog.

Citation policy

For those who wish to cite any of our posts, in part or in full, please use the following format:

Saxey, Ellis (2017), Theatre Improvisation in teaching, LSE Education Blog, https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/education/2017/01/31/theatre-improvisation-in-teaching/, 31 January 2017

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