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Encouraging student contributions

Ahead of Encouraging student contributions – the workshop on the 8th of November, Dr Ellis Saxey, Academic Developer from the Teaching and Learning Centre, considers the issues students can encounter as they consider contributing in class. We’re always interested to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.
Student a: ‘Fear of being wrong and seeming stupid, not having any opinion or view […]


Resource of the week: dissertation and thesis writing in a second language

At LSE, the majority of academic writing by students is done in a second or even third language. In order to use English successfully as an academic lingua franca, LSE’s MSc and PhD students need to develop their language abilities in English. More than this, though, they need to develop accurate expectations about the conventions of disciplinary academic writing and the […]


Resource of the week: group work

Group work is a common feature of seminar/class sessions at LSE.  The HEA’s Teaching International Students project includes a very useful summary of the main aspects of good practice in ensuring a positive experience for all and how to mitigate against any issues that may arise in group work.


Resource of the week: international students’ views of critical thinking

Here are two short videos that build on our International Student Lifecycle resource from last week. The first shows a group of international students talking about getting to grips with what critical thinking means. In the second, the same students discuss their previous experiences of lectures and how these compare with their UK experiences. Both videos reiterate the importance of managing all aspects of student expectations about their role […]

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Resource of the week: international student lifecycle resource

This International Student Lifecycle Resource has some good ideas for supporting international students through higher education, and useful guidance on how students can be helped to understand the meaning of independent learning – a subject we’ll be picking up in our Thursday post this week.

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