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The forward testing effect

In February of this year, the LSE Teaching and Learning Centre’s Academic Developer Mark Baltovic attended the annual HEA Conference on STEM education, which this year looked at creativity in teaching, learning and student engagement. In this blog post, Mark discusses one of the interesting ideas discussed during the conference, the forward testing effect, and considers its practical potential […]


Structuring learning differently

In this post, the Teaching and Learning Centre’s Dr Ellis Saxey considers how the structure of a course can impact on student learning.

When I taught undergraduate students, at the end of my seminars, one of my departing students would often say goodbye, and add: ‘I didn’t do the reading for this week, but I will now – it sounds […]


Writing for Learning

by Dr Colleen McKenna


Studying inventions fine her wits to entertain, 

Oft turning others’ leaves, to see if thence would flow 

Some fresh and fruitful showers upon my sunburn’d brain. 

But words came halting forth, wanting invention’s stay; 

Invention, Nature’s child, fled step-dame Study’s blows; 

And others’ feet still seem’d but strangers in my way. 

Thus great with child to speak and helpless in my throes, 

Biting […]


Learning through Humour

In our first post of the new year, the Teaching and Learning Centre’s Dr Ellis Saxey considers the use of humour in learning and how memes can be used to explore and communicate complex theories and concepts in the classroom.

Humour in teaching is a double-edged sword. I like to use simple humour – exaggeration and hyperbole – to emphasise […]

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    LSE Education Awards 2016/17: what is ‘excellent teaching’?

LSE Education Awards 2016/17: what is ‘excellent teaching’?

In 2016/17, LSE’s teaching awards identified and celebrated the work of 262 teaching staff. To understand more about what staff and students identify as excellent teaching, the Educational Strategy Unit collected and analysed nomination statements from the LSE Class Teacher Awards (CTAs), LSE Excellence in Education Awards (EIEAs) and LSESU Teaching Excellence Awards (SUTEAs).

Dame Minouche Shafik addresses recipients of […]


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