In today’s ‘The week that was’: the only black and Muslim members of EHRC removed from posts, Stonewall’s annual awards, and lack of women leaders in the NHS.

With the announcement of appointment of Baroness Onora O’Neill of Bengarve as chair for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, also comes news that the only black and Muslim members of the EHRC are being removed from their posts. Leading commissioners Simon Woolley and Lady Meral Hussein-Ece have discovered that their contracts as commissioners will not be renewed when they expire in December. This has raised concern that the coalition will place less emphasis on fighting discrimination.

Last week, Stonewall hosted their annual awards ceremony at the Victoria & Albert museum. Stonewall’s awards exemplify individuals and organisations which are critical in ensuring a positive representation of gay people in the media today. The Hero of the Year award went to Reverend Giles Fraser as an inspirational faith leader who supports gay rights whereas the Bigot of the Year award went to Cardian Keith O’Brien for his vigorous attacks on gay marriage.

With the NHS planning its restructuring, concerns about lack of women in leadership positions within the NHS have come up. Women doctors, like women in the corporate world, are not making it to the top. While they have been the majority of entrants to medical school for over two decades, they make up only 38% of GP partners, 31% of hospital consultants, and 11% of consultant surgeons.

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