Learning disabilities

In 60 seconds with Adam Sandelson

In a recent interview Adam Sandelson, the head of Student Wellbeing and member of Student Diversity and Support Working Group of EDI, speaks about his time at LSE, involvement with the Student Wellbeing services and the recent Peer Support Scheme that is being launched. 

I’m now in my 5th year of heading up Student Wellbeing. We talked for years about […]

It’s ‘Time to Talk’

Mental health issues affect many in this country, yet people often prefer not to talk about them. This culture of silence exacerbates mental health conditions instead of making things better. As part of the Time to Change campaign, the ‘Time to Talk Day’ on Thursday 4 February 2016 is meant to initiate these often unspoken conversations, writes Stef Hackney. 

Mental health issues inflict […]

LSE-SOAS event for prospective disabled students, parents and supporters

Are you a disabled student planning to go to university this year or in the near future? Or a parent or supporter of a disabled student? If yes, the LSE-SOAS event providing practical information on accessibility in universities will be ideal for you. Read on to find more details.

Learning Disability Week: say no to learning disability hate crime

18-24 June is Learning Disability Week – a week of national campaigning and awareness raising about learning disabilities. The focus of this year’s Learning Disability Week is disability hate crime. Find out more and see how you can get involved.

Why is ‘The Undateables’ unwatchable? – Press release from UKDPC

Channel 4 recently started a new series entitled ‘The Undateables’. ‘The Undateables’ explores the dating issues disabled people face in their quest for love. The series has received mixed response. In this press release, the UK Disabled People’s Council and the European Disability Forum spell out their opposition to the series.

Hate on campus

Robert Holland, Policy and Research Officer at the National Union of Students (NUS) writes about the recent reports published by the NUS on hate crime on campus. He rounds-up the cases of campus hate that have been in the news, what the effect of campus hate is and how it can be tackled.

The Neurodiversity Service has a Moodle site!

LSE’s Neurodiversity Service now has a Moodle site where you can find information, ask questions and get responses relating to neurodiversity. Let us know what you think about it!

On being labelled ‘disabled’

Do you think before you stick labels onto people? Not everyone whom you see as disabled may identify as disabled. Oda Skasgeth, who is a ‘tad dyslexic’, expresses her displeasure at being categorised as a disabled student for having a learning difficulty that has both been a challenge a source of pride for her.

What do disabled staff members in higher education have to say?

20-26 June 2011 is Learning Disability Week. Kelsey Beninger takes this opportunity to speak about her research into the experiences of disabled staff in higher education. Kelsey admits to being surprised at the lack of research and literature in this area and spells out her motivation for and interest in looking ‘behind the scenes’ to find out how people who make student life a reality cope with disabilities.

Don’t forget the carers: A mum’s perspective

13th to 20th of June is Carers’ Week in the UK. In this blog post, Debbie shares her experience of caring for her son who was diagnosed with autism. She reflects on the journey so far, the support available to her and her son, assumptions she had to fight against and how it helped her become a stronger mother.

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