Voices above the parapet

When it comes to holding positions of authority, men tend to dominate. But what of the women who have broken through the glass ceiling? As the Above the Parapet project draws to a close, Purna Sen and Jade Cochran look at what those who have risen to positions of authority had to say about their journeys to seniority.  

“…the […]

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    How to teach to students with social anxiety: on teaching and student participation

How to teach to students with social anxiety: on teaching and student participation

In order to ensure that students with social anxiety are able to participate effectively in class, an anonymous LSE student presents a number of tips for teachers on how best to engage and include their students. Talking has always been a difficult task for me. From a young age, I was taught speaking up was a dangerous thing. Growing up […]

Is equity the same as equality?

Carolyn Solomon-Pryce, the Head of LSE’s EDI Office, discusses the important conceptual distinctions between ‘equity’ and ‘equality’. Since the inception of the EDI Taskforce, a number of important conversations have unfolded across campus around the idea of ‘equity versus equality’. This has left many staff and students questioning the School’s motive for changing its rhetoric.

Black Women in Leadership: equal opportunities for all

One of the lectures to commemorate Black History Month focused on ‘Black Women in Leadership’, with Dr Vanessa Iwowo as the guest speaker. An accomplished researcher and award-winning management scholar and Fellow in the Department of Management, Dr Iwowo focused mainly on the challenges faced by women but with emphasis on the deeper challenges of Black women. The mention of […]

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