Voices above the parapet

When it comes to holding positions of authority, men tend to dominate. But what of the women who have broken through the glass ceiling? As the Above the Parapet project draws to a close, Purna Sen and Jade Cochran look at what those who have risen to positions of authority had to say about their journeys to seniority.  

“…the […]

Singapore’s Social Experiment Key To Economic Success

This article was originally posted on Forbes

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated of their current diversity policy for housing that “As a result of this policy Singapore has long enjoyed the benefits of an integrated society where citizens of all races live and work together. Citizens are also free to practice their religion and culture without fear of prejudice or persecution.” However are Singapore’s diversity […]

Women’s Library@LSE archive – women and the Miners’ Strike

This article was originally posted on the LSE History blog

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Archivist Kate Higgins uses the Women’s Library@LSE archive to look back at women’s response to the Miners’ Strike 1984-85, on its 30th anniversary.

Thirty years ago this month the miners’ strike of 1984-85 – called nationally by Arthur Scargill of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) […]

Women at the front – pioneering LSE teachers

LSE accepted women students from its earliest days. For Women’s History Month we take a look at the women who stood at the front of the classroom during the early years of the School.

March 20th, 2015|Gender, Women|1 Comment|

Beatrice Webb – the early years

March is Women’s History Month. Let’s take this opportunity to find out more about Beatrice Webb – the only woman among the four co-founders of LSE.

March 2nd, 2015|Gender, Women|0 Comments|

What happens to women’s careers between 28 and 40 years of age?

Opportunity Now surveyed 25,000 women and men with a focus on women aged 28-40 to examine barriers to women’s career development. Here, Rachael Saunders, Head of Communications for Opportunity Now, shares the good and bad news from the survey, including the gap between organisational policies and actual experiences, stigma attached to flexible working and the importance of male senior leaders ‘getting it’.

April 30th, 2014|Gender|0 Comments|

Acceptable sexism? Unconscious bias in the workplace

Though we have come a long way in challenging overtly sexist behaviour, ‘low level’ or subtle sexism is still passed off as office banter or humour. Snéha Khilay argues that this holds women back in the workplace and needs to be discouraged.

March 24th, 2014|Gender, Women|4 Comments|

The leaky pipeline: women in academia

Last Saturday was International Women’s Day and March is Women’s History Month – time to see where women have got to over the many decades of demand and struggle for equal rights, including in the academia.

March 14th, 2014|Gender, Women|6 Comments|

Do white men care?

‘White men’ are considered to ‘have it all’. But Snéha Khilay reflects on her experience of training senior managers and argues that white men don’t always have it easy. She’s found that white men often shy away from confronting their fear of being labelled racist or sexist.

Women’s Library, feminism and history in the words of David Doughan

This special joint podcast from LSE Equality and Diversity and the LSE Review of Books, examines the history of the newly acquired Women’s Library at the London School of Economics through the eyes of a long-term librarian.

June 17th, 2013|Gender, Women|2 Comments|

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