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    Five minutes with Laura Bates: ‘Women bear children’ is not an excuse

Five minutes with Laura Bates: ‘Women bear children’ is not an excuse

Why have we built a society in which that prevents women from progressing in their careers?

Laura Bates rose to prominence in 2012 when she founded the Everyday Sexism Project, a website that collects women’s daily experiences of gender inequality. Since then she has published two books (Everyday Sexism, 2014; and Girl Up, 2016) and given a number of talks about […]

Gender, Assisted Reproduction and Legal Parenthood: Is the law fit for purpose?

Dr Julie McCandless argues that while the family and parenthood law in its current form may ‘make sense’ for the vast majority of people, it does not really grapple with the fundamental question of what makes someone a parent and why.

When gossip can become harassment

Work gossip can be a way of bonding, it can be done for sheer enjoyment, to have something to snicker about after an office Christmas party. But gossip can sometimes also become harassment.

Don’t forget the carers: A mum’s perspective

13th to 20th of June is Carers’ Week in the UK. In this blog post, Debbie shares her experience of caring for her son who was diagnosed with autism. She reflects on the journey so far, the support available to her and her son, assumptions she had to fight against and how it helped her become a stronger mother.

This Mother’s Day we can’t afford to ignore the wider issues

On the 3rd of April, Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day was celebrated all over the UK. It got Chloe Alexander thinking about the rose-tinted stereotypes that the celebration of Mother’s Day has become gripped with. She argues for the urgent need to focus on the wider issues surrounding motherhood in the country, especially those that have arisen in the face of the spending cuts and new government policies.

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