Black Women in Leadership: equal opportunities for all

One of the lectures to commemorate Black History Month focused on ‘Black Women in Leadership’, with Dr Vanessa Iwowo as the guest speaker. An accomplished researcher and award-winning management scholar and Fellow in the Department of Management, Dr Iwowo focused mainly on the challenges faced by women but with emphasis on the deeper challenges of Black women. The mention of […]

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Acknowledging their awkwardness…

This article was originally posted on Blue Tulip Training How do we manage our interactions and experiences with people who are different to us? In a multicultural society in which we are thriving for similar goals of success and development, is awkwardness natural? Sneha Khilay from Blue Tulip Training discusses her personal experiences about the anxieties associated with other peoples differences […]

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Singapore’s Social Experiment Key To Economic Success

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Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated of their current diversity policy for housing that “As a result of this policy Singapore has long enjoyed the benefits of an integrated society where citizens of all races live and work together. Citizens are also free to practice their religion and culture without fear of prejudice or persecution.” However are Singapore’s diversity […]

The week that was…

Examiners vet primary school test papers for signs of race and gender discrimination, student who racially abused Stan Collymore is spared jail, Welsh Football association becomes Stonewall Diversity Champion, Tom Hanks banned ‘a racist’ for sharing stage with ‘blacked-up’ man and Nike’s ‘black and tan’ trainers get the thumbs down from Irish community.

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