Diversity in Sport

The legacy of London 2012 for disabled people

The golden summer of sport is now over, but what is the legacy of London 2012 for disabled people? Nadia Ahmed, a disabled student, discusses the difficulties she’s faced in finding accessible accommodation in London. She argues that while the Games are over, UK still has lots of hurdles to leap when it comes to disability equality.

Debating the Paralympics

As we witness the Paralympics coming back to their birthplace, celebrating excellence in sport and ambition, we need to pay attention to the disability movement in the UK. The Paralympics, besides providing more sporting action, have also opened up debate on disability rights and attitudes towards disabled people. Here we bring you a selection of articles on the Paralympics debate.

Farewell Olympics, welcome Paralympics: Diversity in Sport

As we bid farewell to the spectacular Olympics, we must not forget that there’s more to look forward to – the Paralympic Games start later this month. In this post, Andrea Bundon, charts the history and journey of the Paralympics. She thinks London 2012 will be an unprecedented year for the Paralympics and discusses some of the challenges the Games face.

Portrayal of Muslim female athletes in the media: Diversity in Sport

Much has been made of the participation of the first Saudi woman in Olympics, with discussions on the headscarf and its compatibility with international sport. While it is an important debate, the media has completely glossed over the participation of many other Muslim women in London 2012. Sertaç Sehlikoglu argues that this is because non-stereotypical images of Muslim women puzzle the male colonial gaze. In this post, she aims to propound a more comprehensive understanding of the debates on Muslim sportswomen.

The week that was: Olympics special (II)

The Olympics fever is building up – after a golden Saturday for Team GB, we bring you more discussion on diversity in sports. Do Team GB’s Saturday gold champions reflect multicultural Britain? What does the participation of the first Saudi woman in Olympics mean? And where have Team GB’s medallists been educated?

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What being ‘Out in Sport’ means for LGBT students: Diversity in Sport

The front looks dismal – there aren’t many LGBT sports role models to look up to, ‘lad culture’ still prevails in sport, and homophobic abuse on the field is not uncommon. The National Union of Students (NUS) has been researching sporting experiences of LGBT students for its ‘Out in Sport’ project.

In this post, third in our Diversity in Sport series, Finn McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Officer , shares the preliminary findings and recommendations of the Out in Sport research project and discusses the powerful and positive role sports can play in fostering inclusiveness.

Kick racism out of football: Diversity in Sport

Racism in sports, especially football, is one of the most discussed topics of our time, John Terry’s acquittal being the most recent controversy. ‘Kick it Out’ is the leading football equality and inclusion campaign. In this post, we talk to Richard Bates from Kick it Out about the potential of sport to bring about a social change.

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The week that was: Olympics special

The Olympic fever is in full swing and we are taking this opportunity to initiate a discussion on ‘Diversity in Sport’. Today, we bring to you a round-up of Olympics news stories to keep you up-to-date with the diversity highlights in the world of sports.

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The body image of female athletes: Diversity in Sport

With the ringing in of the Olympics today, we launch our blog series ‘Diversity in Sport’. The series will explore issues of race, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion and disability in sport. As the world comes to London for the mega-event, we need to question where we are today in living up to the Olympic spirit of inclusivity and diversity.

This is the first in the ‘Diversity in Sport’ series. In this post, Caitlin Fisher, delivers a TED talk on how female athletes negotiate spaces and recreate their identities in order to enter the still very masculine arena of sports. She discusses the case of women’s football in Brazil, the discrimination and marginalisation female football players have faced and what’s the way forward.

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