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LSE and UNESCO International Policy Seminar
Social Development: a UK-Brazil dialogue

Friday 14 November 2014

London School of Economics and Political Science

Shaw Library, 6th Floor, Old Building

Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE


Focus and Background

Organised under the auspices of LSE and UNESCO, this international seminar brings together multiple voices from Brazil and the UK to discuss how ground level experiences of social development intersect with governments and policy-makers in shaping decisively processes of policy design and implementation.

This dialogue builds on the lessons of Underground Sociabilities, a multiple stakeholder research partnership that mapped life trajectories and strategies of bottom-up social development in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Since the realisation of the research, LSE and UNESCO have led a series of international events focusing on the continuing dialogue between government bodies, policy-makers, NGOs, activists, researchers and disenfranchised citizens, and the role of grassroots agencies in bridging the gap.

This event is supported by the LSE Knowledge Exchange Programme.

This event is free and open however, pre-registration is required and spaces are limited. To register your attendance, please email



9.30 Opening Ceremony – Welcome and Introduction
Professor Stuart Corbridge (Deputy Director and Provost, LSE)
Roberto Jaguaribe (Ambassador of Brazil to the United Kingdom)
Dr Lalla Ben Barka (Assistant Director General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO)
Nick Dyer (Director General, Department for International Development (DFID), UK)
10.00 Introductory remarks: How can the UK and Brazil learn from each other?
Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch (Professor of Social Psychology, LSE, UK)
10.45 Brazil and UK: Dialogue on social development and policies
Tereza Campello (Secretary of State for Social Development and Fight against Hunger, Brazil)
Professor Armando Barrientos (Research Director, International Research Initiative on Brazil and Africa, UK)
Dr Paul Healey (Head of Profession, Social Development, DFID, UK)
Mediator: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch (Professor of Social Psychology, LSE, UK)
12.45 LUNCH
14.00 Social development: Learning from multiple voices
Nega Gizza (Director of Central Union of the Favelas, CUFA, Brazil)
Camila Batmanghelidjh (CEO, Kids Company, UK)
James Baderman (Fight for Peace International, UK and Brazil)
Luis Roberto Pires Ferreira (Social Technology Strategist, former Vice-President of Sustainability, Grupo ABC, Brazil)
Rene Silva dos Santos (Portal Voz das Comunidades, Brazil)
Mediator: Professor Gareth Jones (Professor of Urban Geography, LSE, UK)
16.30 Final Remarks – Building from the experience Brazil UK
Tereza Campello (Secretary of State for Social Development and fight against Hunger, Brazil)
Dr Francesca Bastagli (Head of Programme, Social Protection, Overseas Development Institute, and Senior Visiting Fellow, CASE, LSE, UK)
Dr Indranil Chakrabarti (Development Counsellor, DFID, Brazil)
Dr Lalla Ben Barka (Assistant Director General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO)
Mediator: Professor Anthony Hall (Professor of Social Policy, LSE, UK)


The Favelas at LSE project has come to an end, and we will no longer be publishing new posts on this site. However, you can still explore our blog posts, download a free copy of our book Underground Sociabilities, and explore our toolkit.

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