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Radical Feminist Conference 2012 – Radically Limited?

In this post, Sarah Burton explores the radical feminist stance of the RadFem 2012 conference organizers in relation to the term ‘women born women living as women’. She considers if indeed it is possible to neatly and clearly delineate the word ‘woman’ and argues that binary and static notions of identity categories obscures the real, tangible ways in which ordinary […]

Legislative Elections in Algeria: No Algerian Spring but a Women’s Spring Instead

 In this post, Latefa Guemar  argues that, following the Arab spring the Algerian regime fell back onto “populism” by once again using women to negotiate and maintain power, and as was believed at the time, stability.  In fact, no-one, except for the women, has engaged with serious measures of social transformation that might reshape both the “democratic” and the “popular” […]

Museum of Motherhood: Exploring the Issues of Motherhood

In this blog post, Anthony Silkoff highlights some of the issues that face mothers and talks about the brand new project, Museum of Motherhood, which intends to explore these issues. The launch is to be held at June 21st   in London. The Museum of Motherhood (MoM) is a brand new pop-up museum that asks what it means to be […]

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