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The EU and Gender Equality: better off in, or out?


by Ania Plomien

It is results day for the UK Referendum on membership of the European Union and I am on my way to Bucharest to give a talk on inequalities in contemporary Europe. Waiting to board the flight I catch fragments of speeches sprinkled with words like ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’, ‘generous’, ‘progressive’ and ‘European’. Condescending, as they are spoken by […]

My curly hair / Meu cabelo crespo

by Adelimar da Conceição

Click here for Portuguese version

Everything started when my grandma called me to brush my hair, which was really voluminous and curly. I still remember how reluctant I was to brushing it when I was 5 years old.

Blows on the head, pinches and punishment… Crying was not permitted, nor was any movement to avoid the brush and […]

Measuring women’s work—more vexing than you might think

By Naila Kabeer

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates cited “time poverty” as a top priority in their 2016 Annual Letter, referring to the unpaid work that disproportionately falls on women and shining a spotlight on one of the most vexing challenges economists and statisticians face: how to accurately measure women’s work.

New choruses demanding a data revolution to gauge progress toward the […]

5 reasons why surveillance is a feminist issue

by Nicole Shephard   Surveillance is woven into our everyday lives. While this in itself is not new, what we experience today differs in scale from, say, covert surveillance photos of suffragettes, tabs on unions and protesters during the Cold War era, or even the practices of the GDR’s Stasi. Given the sheer variety and quantity of data constantly accumulated about any one […]

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