Monthly Archives: December 2016

Commercial Surrogacy in India

by Anjora Sarangi

In a time when developments in science and technology are far outpacing human evolution, ethical dilemmas crop up with the commercialization of each new phenomenon. Surrogacy in India has recently emerged as a battleground for fierce debate on gendered ethics, morality, exploitation, rights, regulation and capitalism.

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction in which a woman carries and gives […]

Engendering India’s Burgeoning Cities

by Vidisha Mishra 

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While cities have always been designed for men, urban development is treated as a gender-neutral domain. In October, representatives from 195 countries participated in the Habitat III Conference and adopted the New Urban Agenda (NUA) on sustainable cities and human settlements. The conference was particularly significant this year as it finally addressed the much-ignored gender […]

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