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Why gender matters in Syria’s rebuilding efforts

By Lana Khattab and Henri Myrttinen

Failure to consider gender dynamics in Syria’s rebuilding efforts after the armed conflict would risk consolidating inequalities. This is the finding of a recent report titled ‘“Most of the men want to leave”: Armed groups, displacement and the gendered webs of vulnerability in Syria’ published by the authors of this post in July 2017. […]

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What Statistics Show about Women in Science

by Jilian Woods

Women have always taken a backseat to their male counterparts in math and science careers. Despite the steady rise in women entering STEM fields since the 19th century, women still have to work tirelessly to prove that they are in fact cut out to share the scientific world with men.

Let’s take a look at the facts. A 2007 study […]

Unpacking Consent: An interdisciplinary bibliography

by Harriet Gray 

Debates around sexual violence often place consent – and, in particular, the lack of it – at the heart of their definitions. In popular discourse as well as in legal judgements, consent is the hinge around which a particular act is understood as ‘sex’ or, alternatively, as ‘violence.’ However, despite the simplicity and rigidity often attributed to […]

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    Marine Le Pen’s Woman Card: The re-alignment of female voters in a traditionally masculine game

Marine Le Pen’s Woman Card: The re-alignment of female voters in a traditionally masculine game

by Sjifra de Leeuw

The nation and by extent nationalist politics is traditionally rendered a male game. In the most recent French presidential race this status quo has been challenged by a female contender, namely Marine Le Pen. In this post I ask what role Marine Le Pen’s gender played in the mobilisation of voters and argue that Le Pen’s electoral success […]

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