Kashmiri Women’s Songs of Resistance

by Samreen Mushtaq

Photo credit: Showkat Nanda from Watergam, Baramulla, 2009. Republished for this post with permission

On 23 February, 2020, over six months into fast pacing settler colonialism and imposition of a communication blackout by the Indian state in and over Kashmir, an anonymous collective of Kashmiri women by the name of Zanaan Wanaan (Kashmiri for ‘Women speak’) came out […]

Conflict and Gender: Understanding the intersections

by Arshi Showkat

Conflict is not unidimensional; it is not bidirectional either. It manifests in more ways than that may be perceptible at a time. Indeed, these experiences are always evolving and in flux, especially in protracted conflicts like Kashmir. Decades of conflict in the Himalayan region of Kashmir has left no aspect of life immune and seeped into the minutiae […]

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    Indian Apathy and Systemic Violence against Women in Kashmir

Indian Apathy and Systemic Violence against Women in Kashmir

by Zohra Batul

Violent discourse legitimizes violence and creates incentives for the populist government to make vindictive policies.

The reality of Indian democracy is most conspicuously exposed in Kashmir, a truth that no nationalist Indian wants to hear. On August 5, 2019, the Indian state stripped Kashmir of article-370 followed by the denial of very essential rights via regular crackdowns on […]

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Anti-colonial feminist solidarity and politics of location

by Niharika Pandit

Photo credit: Zahra Amiruddin. Republished with permission for this blogpost.

This piece is an attempt to think through the complexities and disjunctures in undertaking anti-colonial feminist solidarity work, confronting our complicities in the ongoing coloniality, violence and dispossession of marginalised peoples exacerbated by the state, in which we remain invested and from which we benefit. Here I […]

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Militarisation, misogyny and gendered violence in Kashmir

by Samreen Mushtaq

On August 14 this year, a solidarity team comprising four Indian civil society activists held a press conference at the Press Club of India in Delhi to share their findings from Indian-administered Kashmir, which has been under a communications blackout for more than three weeks. Although the activists were permitted to discuss their findings, they were disallowed […]

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