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    The Struggle for Women’s Reproductive Rights; A Southeast Asian Perspective

The Struggle for Women’s Reproductive Rights; A Southeast Asian Perspective

by Maya Bofa

This piece is part of the East Asia Solidarity blog series, “Look East”, which highlights gender knowledge and studies of the East and Southeast Asia region. The initiative was conceptualised and led by MSc students of the LSE Gender Department in the summer of 2023, and explores themes around locating identity, heritage and (re/newed) knowledge of gender studies in the […]

Who can afford to commodify women’s bodies?

by Kashi Syal 

In September 2017, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that their third child would be carried by a $45,000 surrogate. Only, it wasn’t West with whom the news outlets and search engines associated the surrogacy; rather, it was Kardashian who dominated the headlines. Likewise in 2009, Sarah Jessica Parker — not her famous husband Matthew Broderick— was the primary […]

‘Restoring’ fertility: surrogacy, law, and the economy

by Meera Somji

In December 2019 I attended a Supreme Court hearing on whether a young woman in the UK should be awarded damages to fund the cost of a commercial surrogacy in California by an NHS Trust, after losing the ability to bear a child due to several incidents of hospital negligence. The key questions debated by the Justices […]

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    In Defence of Women: Anti-gender Campaigns and Abortion in Chile

In Defence of Women: Anti-gender Campaigns and Abortion in Chile

by Lieta Vivaldi 

In Chile the bill that allows abortion on three grounds – when a woman’s life is in danger, when there are foetal anomalies incompatible with life, and in the case of rape – was approved, after a long discussion, in August 2017 and then published in September the same year. In December 2017, the right-wing candidate Sebastián Piñera […]

Commercial Surrogacy in India

by Anjora Sarangi

In a time when developments in science and technology are far outpacing human evolution, ethical dilemmas crop up with the commercialization of each new phenomenon. Surrogacy in India has recently emerged as a battleground for fierce debate on gendered ethics, morality, exploitation, rights, regulation and capitalism.

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction in which a woman carries and gives […]

Britain must end its support for sterilisation in India

The horrifying deaths of at least 14 women who had undergone surgery at sterilisation camps in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, highlight the violence of the population control policies that the British government is at the forefront of promoting globally. Far from giving poor women in the global south much-needed access to safe contraception that they can control, these policies dehumanise them […]

November 18th, 2014|Development|1 Comment|

The Freedom of Religious Oppression?

Linnéa Sandström discusses the ways in which religion and reproductive health collide in current US political discourse and questions the paradoxical relationship between the freedom of religious multiplicity and the right of women to control their reproductive capacities.      For the past few decades in the US, reproductive health policies have taken up a large proportion of the nation’s political […]

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