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    Young Working Class Men in Transition: Lecture Review of Dr Steve Roberts

Young Working Class Men in Transition: Lecture Review of Dr Steve Roberts

by Asel Shamyrbekova

Across the globe, rapid changes in our perception of masculinity and the socially-relegated roles assigned to men have been occurring. In particular, social media is impacting young people’s lives, transforming attitudes towards femininity and masculinity, and acting as an important template where one is able to express their feelings and attachment to a close friend without necessarily […]

April 16th, 2018|Featured, Society|0 Comments|

UK 2014-15 Budget: Where does the social security spending cap leave disabled women and their carers?

On 19th March 2014, George Osborne, the UK Chancellor of the  Exchequer delivered the annual speech to Parliament outlining spending and taxation plans. A limit was imposed on UK annual social security spending. This limit is set at £119 billion for year 2014-15. The limit was announced in relation to managing ‘out of control’ welfare spending, reigning in alleged ‘incentives’ […]

April 5th, 2014|Politics|0 Comments|

Parental Leave: Men and Women at Work

Caroline Thorpe is a British journalist based in London. She was deputy editor of multiple award-winning Inside Housing magazine until 2011, when she took a year out to pursue graduate studies in gender at the London School of Economics. She has now returned to full-time journalism, specialising in social policy and politics. In this post she discusses parental leave in […]

October 15th, 2012|Politics, Society|1 Comment|

Nadine Dorries’ abstinence sex education is bad policy: young women need sex-positive sex education

  Sophie Drouet is a politics student at Sciences Po Lille and is currently pursuing an MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities at the LSE. In this post, she discusses Nadine Dorries’ proposed amendment to the sex education bill which suggests that young women be taught additional classes on the benefits of abstinence. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries’ proposed amendment to […]

January 19th, 2012|Politics, Society|1 Comment|

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