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‘Where My Girls At?’: When Pop Goes Political

Laura Lazarus Frankel is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow pursuing a PhD in political science and a Certificate in Feminist Studies at Duke University, studying the politics of media, race, and gender. In this post she explores the gender and racial politics of Beyonce, Glee and “girl power”. Like many Americans of my generation, I have become obsessed […]

Public/Woman and the fatal fetus

In the United States, laws designed to protect pregnant women and children are being used to punish women for abortions and other “misconduct”, such as drug and alcohol use during pregnancy. Amanda Conroy, a PhD Student at the Gender Institute and the Centre for the Study of Human Rights at LSE, considers the political logics behind this phenomenon. If the goal […]

October 31st, 2011|Politics, Society|0 Comments|

Where Are the Women?

Professor Mary Evans, Centennial Professor at LSE’s Gender Institute, reviews the past few months of global politics and argues for a continued need for a gendered analysis of world events.

Where’s Wally ? is an illustrated children’s book in which children are invited to find, amidst the hundreds of other characters on each page, the elusive Wally. Watching newsreels and reading newspapers […]

October 13th, 2011|Politics, Society|1 Comment|

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