Jack Winterton (BSc Government) from the LSE Undergraduate Political Review spoke to John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor, after his British Government @ LSE lecture on 16 February. The lecture was part of a series of public events Mr McDonnell has undertaken across the country, to broaden the debate around economics in Britain and discuss Labour’s new economic policy – ‘The New Economics‘. Jack asked the Shadow Chancellor about ‘The New Economics’ and how people could think differently about the economy.

John McDonnell MP
Portrait photo of John McDonnell MP is Shadow Chancellor and Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington. Find out more about ‘The New Economics’ on the Labour website.

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Jack Winterton is Editor-in-chief of the LSE Undergraduate Political Review. The LSEUPR is an online platform that aims to encourage and facilitate an engagement in high level political research and the professional presentation of critical arguments by undergraduate students from universities around the world.

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