Anne Phillips argues that we need a shift in how we think of equality in this talk filmed at TEDxCourtauldInstitute’s ‘Utopia – Breaking the Rules‘ conference in March.


The notion that all humans are equal is the defining idea of our age. Yet, it is an idea we do not live up to. People are excluded and discriminated against on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, sexuality.

Human equality is not something we need to prove or justify; it should not be conditional on having the right kind of human nature, on meeting some idealised notion of the human, or on ignoring what makes us different. Rather, human equality is a claim and a commitment that we can – and should – make to one another.


Portrait photo of Professor Anne PhillipsAnne Phillips is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government at the LSE.



TEDxCourtauldInstituteThis talk was filmed at TEDxCourtauldInstitute‘s ‘Utopia – Breaking the Rules‘ conference in March.

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