Photo of the stage and crowd at LSE Election Night 2019

We look back at how one of the UK’s most pivotal elections unfolded.

The LSE Election Night Party is one of the most exciting and informative places to experience any UK election night. This was certainly true on 12 December 2019, as the world’s media joined a packed audience at the LSE to watch one of the UK’s most pivotal elections unfold with analysis from leading political experts and thinkers. The LSE Government team was there, along with our colleagues from The LSE British Politics and Policy blog, The Democratic Audit, LSE Public Policy and the LSE social media teams to cover reaction and debate throughout the night.

This film captures what happened that evening, from the moment the exit poll came in at 10pm and on into the small hours of the morning, with analysis from political experts including Dr Joe Greenwood-Hau, Professor Patrick Dunleavy, Professor Sara Hobolt, Professor Paul Kelly and Professor Tony Travers on a general election that resulted in a substantial Conservative majority, settled the Brexit stalemate and saw a realignment in British party politics that may change and define UK politics for the considerable future.

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