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Dr. Shakuntala Banaji, Associate Professor in the LSE Department of Media and Communications

Rodney Barker, Emeritus Professor of Government in the LSE Department of Government.

Jean Seaton,Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster and the Official Historian of the BBC

Chair: Tony Travers, Director of the IPA and Professor in the Department of Government.

Rodney Barker, whose new book Cultivating political and public identity: Why plumage matters is LSE’s first open access book, will be introducing a discussion of the components – language, dress, diet, habitat -of the identities of nations, groups, and individuals, and of the perennial tension between identity as association with other people, and identity as distinction from them, a motor of both human progress and human conflict.

Entry to the event will be on a first come, first served basis with no ticket required. 

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