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Speaker: Ed Williams (@EdWilliamsUK), Ed leads Edelman’s UK and Ireland business, and is also Vice Chairman, Europe.  Before joining the firm in 2011, he oversaw communications for two global media companies: the BBC and Reuters. He advises senior executives on corporate communications and strategy as well as issues and crisis management.

Chair: Francisco Panizza, Dr Panizza is a Professor in Latin American and Comparative Politics at the Department of Government of the LSE.

Fake news, information wars, biased reporting. Today’s volatile information landscape is raising challenging questions. Do we trust our information, and what does it mean for the media if we don’t? Ed Williams, CEO of Edelman UK, discusses the findings from the newly released Edelman Trust Barometer, the world’s largest annual global study of trust. His lecture will delve into the shifting expectations of media, including what makes information trustworthy and what steps can be taken to earn back trust.

Entry to the event will be on a first come, first served basis with no ticket required. 

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