Experts’ seminar on reforms and efficiency in European health systems

London School of Economics and Political Science

Friday, 8 June 2012

LSE Health and DG Employment

Location: New Academic Building, LSE

This one-day seminar aims to review ways of strengthening efficiency in national health systems and measuring health system efficiency, both within and across countries. An introductory session will outline the key conceptual and measurement issues and provide an international overview. This will be followed by analysis of national attempts to enhance efficiency in health care, drawing on the experience of individual countries.

The seminar is free but requires registration. To register, please email Claire Coleman ( For further information or any queries email Sotiris Vandoros (


0900 Welcome
           Martin Knapp, Professor of Social Policy (LSE)

Session 1. Health system efficiency
Chair: Ralf Jacob (European Commission, DG EMPL)

0910 Peter C. Smith, Professor of Health Policy (Imperial College London)
          What is the scope for efficiency gains and how can they be achieved?

1000 Panos Kanavos, Reader in International Health Policy (LSE)
          Efficiency tools in pharmaceutical markets and the case of generic drugs

1045 Tea & coffee break

Session 2. European Union involvement in health systems
Chair: Arnaud Senn (European Commission, DG EMPL)

1115 Ana Xavier (European Commission, DG ECFIN)
         Instructions for health reforms in Portugal and Greece

1145 Frederico Paoli (European Commission, DG SANCO)
          EU approaches to enhancing health system efficiency

1230 LUNCH

Session 3. Lessons from Europe
Chair: Sotiris Vandoros, Research Fellow (LSE)

1330 Alicja Sobczak, Professor of Health Economics (Warsaw University)
          Reforms and efficiency in the Polish health system

1400 Pedro Pita Barros, Professor of Economics (Nova University Lisbon)
          Reform of the Portuguese health system following financial crisis

1445 Tea & coffee break

Chair: Elias Mossialos, Brian Abel-Smith Professor of Health Policy (LSE)

1515 Lise Rochaix, Professor of Economics, Board Member (Haute Autorité de Santé)
          Efficient decision making in the French health system

1545 Ilaria Mosca, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management (Erasmus University) 
          Ensuring value for money in the competitive health insurance system in the Netherlands 

1630 Closing remarks
         Sarah Thomson, Senior Research Fellow (LSE)


Programme also available as PDF