Eurohealth Volume 18 Number 2: Gender and health

This issue of Eurohealth, in memory of Dr Concha Colomer, provides articles on the history of gender equity policies, their importance in research and policy development, and how they play out within the specific contexts of child and adolescent health, and violence against women. Other articles include: Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive; Health capital investment; Safer hospitals in Europe; Long-term care reform in the Netherlands; Cost-containment in the French health system; and Eurohealth Monitor. 

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Eurohealth Observer

  • Concha Colomer: A champion for health equality
    Mirta Roses-Periago
  • Three waves of gender and health
    Carlos Alvares-Dardet and Carmen Vives-Cases
  • Editorial – policies, politics and gender research
    Concha Colomer-Revuelta, Rosana Peiro-Perez, Rosa M Lopez-Rodriguez, Isabel Espiga-Lopez, Isabel Saiz-Martinez-Acitores and Isabel Soriano-Villarroel
  • Gender approaches to adolescent and child health: the gender tool of the European Strategy for child and adolescent health and development
    Laura Cogoy and Giorgio Tamburlini
  • Violence against women: the Spanish response 
    Claudia Garcia-Moreno
  • Tackling gender equity in health policy in Europe: a partnership
    Isabel Yordi Aguirre

Eurohealth International

  • How to modernise the professional qualifications directive
    Jurgen Tiedje and Andras Zsigmond
  • Investing in time: deciding on health capital investment
    Stephen Wright, Bernd Rechel, Martin McKee and Barrie Dowdeswell
  • Implementing recommendations for safer hospitals in Europe: Sanitas Project
    Charles D Shaw, Elisabeth Jelfs and Paula Franklin

Eurohealth Systems and Policies

  • Cost containment in France: assessment of current policy initiatives
    Karine Chevreul and Isabelle Durand-Zaleski
  • The reform of long-term care in the Netherlands
    Hans Maarse