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Improving Health Services

by Walter Holland, LSE Health

The introduction of scientific principles into government decision-making began with the publication of the Haldane Report in 1918.

Haldane believed that research should play a key role in government and that it should be an integral part of the machinery of government. Although the Medical Research Committee (later Medical Research Council) played a key role in the […]

November 13th, 2013|Health Care|1 Comment|

When legalising abortion isn’t enough

LSE’s Ernestina Coast is the Principal Investigator on a new research project in Zambia that seeks to establish how investment in abortion services impacts the socio-economic conditions of women and their households.

Zambia’s relatively liberal abortion laws make the country a rare case in sub-Saharan Africa, a region where abortion is generally prohibited altogether or permitted only to save a […]

Governing public hospitals – Eurohealth, volume19, issue 1

by Sherry Merkur, Anna Maresso and David McDaid While public ownership is a common feature in the European hospital sector, the last few decades have seen a change in the way such institutions are governed, with greater flexibility in terms of the legal form they can take and in the level of autonomy that management and supervisory boards can exercise when […]

April 5th, 2013|Health Care|0 Comments|

Exploring key intersectoral structures used by governments, parliaments and the civil service to promote Health in All Policies – Eurohealth, volume 18, issue 4

by Sherry Merkur, Anna Maresso, David McDaid Since the health of a population is affected by policies and programmes originating beyond the health sector, governments need to employ a strategy that fosters intersectoral action. Health in All Policies (HiAP) is a dual process – it consists of fostering health considerations in other policy areas and taking into account the potential […]

December 18th, 2012|Health Care|0 Comments|

Eurohealth, Volume 18 Number 2

Eurohealth Volume 18 Number 2: Gender and health

This issue of Eurohealth, in memory of Dr Concha Colomer, provides articles on the history of gender equity policies, their importance in research and policy development, and how they play out within the specific contexts of child and adolescent health, and violence against women. Other articles include: Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive; […]

August 8th, 2012|Health Care|0 Comments|

Family Planning: Why Do We Need a London Summit?

LSE Health and PSI public discussion

On July 11, the UK Government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will launch the London Summit on Family Planning. The unprecedented event will bring world leaders together to catalyze political and financial commitments to reach the needs of 120 million women who lack access to modern, voluntary family planning methods.

One day prior on […]

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Eurohealth, Volume 18 Number 1

Eurohealth Volume 18 Number 1 : Health systems and the financial crisis

This issue of Eurohealth, the second with a new layout and design, provides case studies on health system responses to the financial crisis from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece and Ireland. Other articles include: the patient perspective on the proposal for the Professional Qualifications Directive; the evolution of obesity in […]

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8th June 2012: Experts’ seminar on reforms and efficiency in European health systems

Experts’ seminar on reforms and efficiency in European health systems
London School of Economics and Political Science
Friday, 8 June 2012
LSE Health and DG Employment
Location: New Academic Building, LSE
This one-day seminar aims to review ways of strengthening efficiency in national health systems and measuring health system efficiency, both within and across countries. An introductory session will outline the key conceptual and […]

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Eurohealth, Volume 17 Number 4

The latest issue of Eurohealth is now available to download:
Volume 17 Number 4, 2011

Perspectives on the Professional Qualifications Directive


Eurohealth Observer

The free movement of professionals – a UK regulator’s perspective, Niall Dickson
The Professional Qualifications Directive Green Paper – a UK physician’s perspective, Andrew F Goddard
Regulating nursing qualifications across Europe – a case of unintended consequences, Tom Keighley and Susan Williams

Eurohealth […]

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LSE academic prescribes ‘hope’ in the battle against HIV/AIDS

‘Hope’ could be a valuable tool to enable policy makers to adopt the best policies to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, an LSE professor has argued.

In Social Policy: metaphors and hope, published by the Copenhagen Consensus Center’s HIV/AIDs in Africa project, Professor Tony Barnett, LSE Health, examines the arguments and analyses made in another Rethink HIV paper on social policy, Social […]

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