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Mar 24 2017

Women’s Rights in Retrograde: Understanding the Contentious Politics of Gender Violence Law in Nicaragua

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By Pamela Neumann, Ph.D.* Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new law reducing the penalty for some forms of domestic abuse from a prison sentence to a fine. Although the legislation has been roundly criticized by international human rights … Continue reading

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Feb 6 2017

Obstetric Violence and Human Rights in Brazil: What Happened, Mrs. Adelir de Goés?


By Suelen Gil* Can a person be forced to have any medical procedure performed on them without indication? Perhaps not, but the answer is never simple when the subject concerns delivering a baby in Brazil. In 2015, according to Ministério … Continue reading

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Dec 5 2016

Cultures of Care: Morality and Gender

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By Sabin Muzaffar* This article was previously published at: http://anankemag.com/2016/08/07/cultures-of-care-morality-and-gender/ Stemming from a patriarchal mindset, care-giving responsibilities to the young and old alike are presumed to be mainly a woman’s job. All across the world, women spend disproportionately more time doing … Continue reading

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Dec 10 2014

Peace with guns? Women’s human rights and the masculinisation of peace and security

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Yael Nevo is a graduate of LSE’s MSc Human Rights programme (2012-13) who specialises in women, peace and security and women’s empowerment. She recently completed a five-month internship at the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights and is currently working … Continue reading

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Jun 2 2014

Domestic violence and women’s rights in Hungary

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Dora Felkai is an MSc Human Rights student at LSE researching women’s rights in Hungary and the double discrimination Roma women face. She works for Aegis Trust, a genocide prevention NGO, and Rene Cassin. I learnt about the magnitude of … Continue reading

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