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Feb 24 2011

Crisis in Libya and the Latin American Left: the reaction from Cuba and Venezuela


By Guy Burton The crisis in Libya appears to have brought out the worst of the Latin American Left.  This is apparent in the nature of the statements so far made by Libya’s arguably closest allies in the region: Cuba … Continue reading

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Feb 22 2011

Strategic Flexibility: the Obama Administration after Egypt


by Nicholas Kitchen A month on from President Ben Ali’s ouster in Tunisia, a wave of protest has swept across the Arab world. With varying degrees of popular support, protests against ruling elites have sprung up in Algeria, Libya, Yemen, … Continue reading

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Feb 7 2011

Egypt: The protests in historical context

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By Guy Burton It has been hard to keep up with the current protests in Egypt and what the eventual outcome might be. Indeed, only a few weeks ago, as Tunisians’ ‘Jasmine revolution’ gathered pace, it was not certain it … Continue reading

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