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Mar 30 2011

A fork in the road? Chilean foreign policy under Piñera, one year on

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By Guy Burton Ideology or pragmatism?  A break with the past, or its continuation?  This was the fork in the road that Chilean foreign policy faced in March 2010 when Sebastián Piñera, the country’s first right-wing president since the end … Continue reading

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Mar 29 2011

Deadlock and Dialogue: The Principles of the “Iran Model”


By Robert Mason Ask a European diplomat what they think about Iranian negotiation strategy and they will accuse Iran of only being able to say “no”. Anyone who says “yes” either does not have the authority and/or risks jeopardising their … Continue reading

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Mar 28 2011

What Can We Expect In The 2011-2012 Singapore General Elections?


By Mustafa Izzudin. Given that the pace has picked up in anticipation of the 2011-2012 Singapore General Elections (GE), what are the realistic prospects for the opposition this time around, and what are some of the considerations to be taken … Continue reading

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