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Apr 12 2011

Unrest In Algeria: The Window is Closing Fast


By Lakhdar Ghettas, “Algeria is ‘sitting on a volcano’.” We will continue to sift for opportunities to support reform, and should be prepared to offer our frank but private opinion of Algeria’s progress along the way”. This was how David Pearce, … Continue reading

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Apr 11 2011

China, the US and ADMM-Plus: Towards confidence building in Southeast Asia?

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by Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo The year 2010 has been portrayed as a negative one for the Sino-American relationship. Differences over issues such as the yuan’s exchange rate, how to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue or respect for … Continue reading

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Apr 7 2011

Liberal Interventionism and the Case of Libya


By Chris Brown When, on March 17th 2011, the UN Security Council passed UNSC 1973 authorising UN members to establish a ‘No Fly Zone’ (NFZ) and take ‘all necessary measures’ to protect the civilian population of Libya, there was some … Continue reading

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