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May 16 2011

Post-Bin Laden prospects for the peace process in Afghanistan

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By Ekaterina Stepanova With all the symbolic allusions to 9/11, including President Obama’s visit to ‘ground zero’ on May 5, at the end of the day the annihilation of the world’s ‘terrorist number one’ in a US covert operation in … Continue reading

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May 15 2011

A country polarised: Peru’s 2011 election

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by Francisco Durand Peru’s 2011 runoff election on June the 5th is a critical, hotly contested election between two candidates who represent opposing views of Peru and its place in the world. A quick view at this polarized, highly competitive … Continue reading

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May 4 2011

The Death of Osama bin Laden and what it means for the Afghan people


By Jorrit Kamminga The death of Osama bin Laden might be a big blow for the Al Qaeda network and its ideological affiliates around the world, but for ordinary Afghans it may convey a rather different message. His death may … Continue reading

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