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Jul 26 2011

South Africa’s about-turn on Libya: Is speaking with the AU/BRIC majority defending the indefensible?


By Candice Moore On 17 March, 2011, South Africa joined a number of other permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council in adopting UNSC Resolution 1973. The resolution authorised “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in the escalating … Continue reading

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Jul 18 2011

From American Exceptionalism to Overstretch


By Prof. Erik Jones. “I’m the quintessential believer in American exceptionalism. I believe we are different than everybody else. I do believe we are the indispensable nation. But for all those reasons, we can walk a little lighter.” Robert Gates, 27 … Continue reading

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Jul 15 2011

China’s CCP 90 years old, faces hard road ahead

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By Kerry Brown In The Fear of Barbarians French writer Tzvetan Todorov divides the world’s countries into four types: those led by appetite, those by resentment, those by fear, and those by indecision. In the camp of appetite sit the … Continue reading

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