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Jan 30 2012

American Elections at a Time of Crisis: The Risks of Introspection

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By Emiliano Alessandri and Gregorio Bettiza. With the primaries in the Republican Party well underway, the campaign season has finally gained momentum. The President’s recent State of the Union address left no doubt that Obama has shed his presidential “coolness” … Continue reading

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Jan 29 2012

What next for Saif Gaddafi, Libya and the ICC?

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By Teddy Nicholson. On Monday 21st January a deadline that it now appears was not only arbitrary but also purely notional elapsed. This was the deadline for the current Libyan government to tell the International Criminal Court what they were … Continue reading

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Jan 27 2012

Algeria at Fifty and the Regime’s Successful Fiascos


By Lakhdar Ghettas, Stonex PhD Coordinator of the Maghreb Studies at the LSE IDEAS Centre for Diplomacy and Strategy Three major developments marked Algerian affairs in 2011. First, former minister of defence General Khaled Nazzar was arrest in Geneva, in … Continue reading

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