Nov 29 2012

Expert Interviews: Governing the Global Drug Wars

In these videos twelve world leading drug policy experts address questions about the international control system:


Why have international drug policies proved so resistant to change?


Is there hope for reform of international drug Policies?

Since 1909 the international community has worked to eradicate the use of certain drugs. A century on, the efforts are widely acknowledged to have failed, and worse, have spurred black market violence and human rights abuses. On October 23rd 2012 LSE IDEAS hosted a day-long conference examining the evolution of the international drug control system and the potential for reform.

A Special Report ‘Governing the Global Drug Wars’ was released at a public event following the conference. Read the Special Report here:

Watch the full recording of the public event:


Speakers in order of appearance:

Dr. William McAllister, US Department of State
Professor Peter Reuter, University of Maryland
Professor David Courtwright, University of North Florida
Professor Alex Stevens, University of Kent
Professor Paul Gootenberg, Stony Brook University, New York
Dr. David Bewley-Taylor, Swansea University
Professor Virginia Berridge, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, Drug Policy Alliance
Dr. Joanne Csete, Open Society Foundations
Damon Barrett, Harm Reduction International
Nigel Inkster, International Institute for Strategic Studies
Professor Joseph Spillane, University of Florida

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  1. jerome says:

    why are drugs a concern? isn’t it a way to make sure society be peacefull in these times of economic crisis and social unrest. In huxley’s book: brave new world, drugs are a powerfull tool of control to prevent social conflict….

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