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Mar 27 2011

The Nicaragua-Costa Rica Border Dispute – A symptom of ‘Tico’ Decline?


By Victor Figueroa-Clark Since the eruption of the border dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua in October 2010, the supposed causes of the conflict have been widely disseminated in the media. These analyses have often been lacking historical context, and … Continue reading

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Nov 17 2010

The Context Behind the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan Border Dispute


By Guy Burton The dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica stems from an island located at the mouth of the San Juan River, which forms the border between the two countries. The dispute has been simmering for a month as … Continue reading

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Aug 11 2010

The US in Costa Rica: the price of Latin American exceptionalism?

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By Guy Burton During the current Venezuela-Colombia spat, one particular comment by the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, was particularly striking – although not necessarily for the reason he gave. During a speech commemorating Venezuela’s founder and his political hero, Simon … Continue reading

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