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May 6 2012

Leap of Faith: Perspectives on Drug Legalisation Following the Summit of the Americas

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By Jacob Parakilas After decades as a seemingly unchallengeable feature of the new global system, the prohibition of drugs is finally coming under sustained criticism from a broad-based coalition, which for the first time includes sitting heads of state. While … Continue reading

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Nov 17 2010

The Context Behind the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan Border Dispute


By Guy Burton The dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica stems from an island located at the mouth of the San Juan River, which forms the border between the two countries. The dispute has been simmering for a month as … Continue reading

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Aug 25 2010

Indigneous party prospects in Peru

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The decision by Peru’s indigenous communities to form a political party ahead of next year’s presidential election poses a number of questions. These include the prospects of such a party in Peru specifically and the relationship between social movements and … Continue reading

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