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Jul 30 2012

A Mormon Foreign Policy Would be Good for America and Great for the World, But it won’t Happen…

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By Inderjeet Parmar, Professor of Government at the University of Manchester, Chair of the British International Studies Association, and PI of the AHRC Obama Research Network. As the world prepares to face another US presidential election, thoughts turn to the likely foreign … Continue reading

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May 6 2012

Leap of Faith: Perspectives on Drug Legalisation Following the Summit of the Americas

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By Jacob Parakilas After decades as a seemingly unchallengeable feature of the new global system, the prohibition of drugs is finally coming under sustained criticism from a broad-based coalition, which for the first time includes sitting heads of state. While … Continue reading

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Mar 12 2012

Russia’s policy on the Syria crisis: sources and implications


by Ekaterina Stepanova It may be hard to believe it now, but just a year ago Russia found itself enjoying a rather positive and balanced standing in the Middle East. This image could be traced despite, or thanks to, Russia’s … Continue reading

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